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Are you tired of spending minutes or even hours searching for the right document, template, policy or any form of corporate knowledge stored somewhere...

We'll have the right solution for you!

The next generation of knowledge base and search experience for your business knowledge.
für Ihr Unternehmenswissen.

Have a look at some of our first mockup screens.

Innovations And Key Features

Innovative Search Form

Discover the information you are looking for within an innovative, interactive and supporting search interface.

User Relevant Results

Every user is shown exactly the search results that are relevant for him. Based on his role, his search history and that of his colleagues.

More Than Standard Import

Verbinden Sie Informationen aus Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk, aus
Cloud-Storages sowie aus internen oder externen Wissensmanagementlösungen.

The Team Behind

Zusammen erreichen
Wir Mehr!

We are a great team of young professionals that delivers the best blend of complementary work experience, with the excellent drive to deliver an outstanding product.

Business Management 95%
Leadership 80%
Customer Service 90%
Web-Development 85%
Knowledge Management 90%

Work In Progress...